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Xiao Zhifeng, member of Jiangxi CPPCC: promoting the high-quality development of market industrial chain with Digitization

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On January 17, the fifth session of the 12th CPPCC Provincial Committee held a joint group meeting. Yi Lianhong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, participated in the first group discussion and had in-depth exchanges and listened to opinions and suggestions with members from the democratic construction of the people's Republic of China, the Federation of industry and commerce, the economy and specially invited sectors (Hong Kong and Macao). At the joint group meeting, Xiao Zhifeng, member of Jiangxi Provincial CPPCC and chairman of lvziyao holding group, delivered a speech on promoting the high-quality development of market industrial chain with digitization. The speech pointed out that over the past year, the digital and intelligent level of the real economy has been continuously improved, which has become a new driving force for the high-quality development of traditional market operators. Digitalization promotes the high-quality development of the market industrial chain, which can achieve four precisions.

First, it can accurately predict the market. Predict customer demand in advance through digitization, promote the market to "determine production by sales", improve the efficiency of industrial chain supply chain, and enable market operators to improve quality and efficiency. Second, it can accurately speed up the connection between supply and demand. Further analyze and launch advertisements and traffic through big data, directly shorten the distance between target customers and products, and help business entities improve sales and profits. Third, it can accurately predict the future needs of customers. By "planting grass" with big data, business entities can know whether products meet customer needs and what new products can have a market, so that R & D leads the market. Fourth, it can accurately match "people", "goods" and "field". Improve the intelligence of supply chain equipment through digitization, so as to promote traditional sales and reduce labor costs.

At the meeting, member Xiao Zhifeng also put forward two targeted suggestions on promoting the high-quality development of the market industrial chain with digitization according to the current situation of the digital development of market subjects in the province. First, the introduction of talents starts with the introduction of "head". In recent years, there have been continuous talent policies in the province, but the foundation of digital industry is weaker than that of coastal developed provinces and cities. The second is to establish a digital business association. In order to deeply practice "what the enterprise wants, what the market needs and what the government does", build a platform to better promote the rapid development of digital industry in the province.

After carefully listening to everyone's speeches, Yi Lianhong said that the members' speeches and suggestions are insightful, valuable and in line with the public opinion, reflecting a high level of political participation. The relevant departments directly under the provincial government should carefully study, absorb and respond quickly one by one, so as to have an echo and a place for everything.