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Fight the epidemic hand in hand and wait for the flowers to bloom lvziyao organization condolences to front-line medical staff

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The epidemic hit again and another battle began in hero city. Nanchang launched a large-scale nucleic acid detection work in the whole city. With the escalation of epidemic control, many angels in white and volunteers rushed to the front line to fight the epidemic.

At present, medical personnel, community workers and other front-line nucleic acid personnel have heavy tasks, great pressure and very hard work. In order to give full play to the role of lvziyao in epidemic prevention and control, they should demonstrate the responsibility of lvziyao with practical actions and send warmth to front-line nucleic acid personnel. On the morning of March 19, Lvziyao organization expressed condolences to the medical personnel who stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and rushed to prepare convenient food and drinking water. With the blessing note written by Lvziyao, it was transported to the newly-built epidemic area in Nanchang by special bus.

During the epidemic period, lvziyao group attached great importance to it, fully implemented various prevention and control measures, and effectively guaranteed the health and safety of the company's employees and the orderly development of production and operation. In this special period, the stores of Lvzi cuisine chose to stay on the spot to take the responsibility of ensuring supply, stabilizing prices and meeting the needs of customers. Facing the tense situation, most stores have also opened free distribution business to try their best to meet the needs and convey love. Let's do it for love. Persistence is victory!