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Weiwei Xiong: it has opened more than 1000 stores and sold more than 3 billion in three years

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Seek a new situation, start a new journey

From December 30 to 31, the 2021 year-end summary, commendation and 2022 kick-off meeting of Weiwei Xiong convenience super was held in the headquarters building of lvziyao holding group. Xiao Zhifeng, chairman of the group, management cadres of Weiwei Xiong Industrial Company, business heads of various sectors and representatives of excellent franchisees from 11 prefecture level cities in the province attended the meeting.

First of all, Xiao Zhifeng, chairman of the group, expressed his full affirmation and congratulations when listening to the gratifying report on the operation and development of Weiweixiong convenience super in 2021, which has more than 300 franchise stores in 2021, and striving to open more than 1000 stores and sell more than 3 billion in three years, and put forward the important instructions of "Three Adherences and two statements":

1. Stick to building a brand. Convenience super franchise stores should adhere to the rapid expansion of scale, volume and reputation, and polish the only bear brand.

2. Stick to positioning. Lvziyao is specialized in special products. Only bear is specialized in convenience super positioning. We should give full play to their respective expertise. Only bear adheres to convenience super positioning and optimizes the commodity structure.

3. Adhere to the first in the province for three years. Make full use of the post epidemic era and the gap period of peers in the province, adhere to the objectives and tasks, strive to build a community life service provider to serve the neighborhood life, and open 1000 stores in three years.

At the same time, two statements: 1. Management support. In order to fully support the accelerated development of Weiwei Xiong convenience super, the group provides all help and support; 2. Financial support. Next year, we will focus on increasing capital investment. Which business unit has good operation and high efficiency, and which company will be the focus of the group to provide funds.

All participants are passionate and confident in their goals. Actively respond to the speech spirit of chairman Xiao of the group with practical actions. The next day, Weiwei Xiong organized a special expansion activity in Jinggangshan. Seize every minute to live up to your youth, and is bound to achieve your goals and tasks!