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Huang Wanlin visited Lvziyao

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Recently, Huang Wanlin, President of Jiangxi Daily, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Jiangxi newspaper media group, inspected and investigated Lvziyao Holding Group Co., Ltd. Chen Xiang, Secretary of Nanchang county Party committee and director of Xiaolan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, and Xiao Zhifeng, chairman of Lvziyao Holding Group Co., Ltd., accompanied the investigation and research respectively. Fan Gaonong, deputy general manager of Jiangxi newspaper media group, conducted research together.




In Lvziyao group, Huang Wanlin visited Lvzi cuisine education vocational school, live broadcasting base, Lvzi cuisine specialty supermarket and Party construction exhibition hall with great interest, carefully watched the production of live broadcasting goods and short video products, and learned more about the development process, operation status, industrial board, film and television investment and future planning of Lvziyao. Huang Wanlin said that as a key leading enterprise of national agricultural industrialization, Lvziyao has actively played its own advantages to drive the development of upstream and downstream industries, promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional main industries with digitization, and achieved gorgeous transformation. It is hoped that the media and enterprises will carry out extensive exchanges, focus on digital empowerment, establish a long-term mechanism for sustainable development, explore wider, deeper and higher-level cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and jointly promote high-quality leapfrog development. Xiao Zhifeng thanked Jiangxi Daily for its long-term care and support for the development of Lvziyao group, and hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation in film and television investment, cultural creativity, education and training and other fields to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.