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Lvziyao stands up on the front line of the fight against the epidemic, and party and League members take on the responsibility

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Party and League members should take the lead in the emergency fight against the epidemic. In the face of the epidemic, the most beautiful adherents are "angels in white", community workers and volunteers in red waistcoats The vanguard team composed of members of the Lvziyao Party led the "Lvziyao" with "party flag red" and actively participated in the front line of anti epidemic.

In the face of the sudden severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, Lvziyao actively responded to the call of Nanchang municipal Party committee and Nanchang municipal government, mobilized and deployed at the first time, and advanced into the front line of anti epidemic with practical actions. The Party committee of the group immediately dispatched 30 party and League members to form four emergency vanguard teams of Party and League members to actively connect with the community and sink into the community to carry out voluntary service. With the deepening of voluntary service, another 20 party and League members enthusiastically signed up and joined the emergency vanguard of Party and League members, quickly integrated into the "epidemic" of community epidemic prevention and control, fully served and guaranteed the nucleic acid sampling of all members of the community, fulfilled their original mission with practical actions and reflected the responsibility of Party and League members.

At present, medical personnel, community workers and other front-line nucleic acid personnel have heavy tasks, great pressure and very hard work. In order to give full play to the role of Lvziyao in epidemic prevention and control, they should demonstrate the responsibility of Lvziyao with practical actions and send warmth to front-line nucleic acid personnel. On the morning of March 19, Lvziyao organization expressed condolences to the medical personnel who stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and rushed to prepare convenient food and drinking water. With the blessing note written by Lvziyao, it was transported to the newly-built epidemic area in Nanchang by special bus. Let's do it for love. Persistence is victory!

Bright party and League members' vanguard flags flutter in the community, and red volunteer vests shuttle through the community. At the time when the party history learning and education is promoted to the grass-roots level, the members of the lvziyao party League have taken concrete actions to practice the original intention of "doing practical things for the people", and actively contribute to the epidemic prevention and control.